Frequently Asked Questions


Our open hours are Thursdays from 6pm-11pm, Fridays from 5pm-11pm and Saturdays from 5pm-11 (or until we sell-out). If you would like to place an order during the week outside of those hours, we will need advance notice to ask our landlord for permission to have the kitchen for extra hours. Please email for more information. 

What are your hours and do you deliver during the week?

Do you have a storefront and can I pick them up somewhere? 

We currently rent a commercial kitchen downtown, so we do not have a storefront, but we hope to someday and will soon be kicking off a crowd funder! But in the meantime you can also find our cookies at local coffee shops and businesses around town including:

  • Humble Coffee (2103 Templeton Gap Rd)

  • Ohana Kava Bar (112 E Boulder St.)

  • Morning Glory Espresso (101 Fontaine Blvd)

  • Valley Espresso (5528 US-85 )

  • Rocky Mountain Calvary (4285 N Academy Blvd)

  • French Ruffle Market (251 Front St Suite 4, Monument)

Who are you currently partnering with in the community?

For all of 2019, we are partnering with Springs Rescue Mission which means we give them 10% of the profits and have volunteer days once a month. For more information about them and what they do, click on "Food Project" above or go to

What kind of special, dietary cookies do you have? 

We have a gluten-free chocolate chip! Unfortunately, we do not have keto or dairy-free as all of our cookies are made with whole ingredients (real butter, sugar, eggs, etc.). 

To send the cookies as a gift, go through the regular ordering process and use the recipient's information for the delivery address, phone number, and name on the order. There is a separate box for your billing address and phone number. Feel free to leave a note in the box by writing that in the comments!

I want to send these as a gift! How do I do that?

We try our best to have deliveries completed ASAP, but our average delivery is 25 minutes away from the kitchen.  When you add in trying to find a house and driving back, our delivery drivers are typically gone for over an hour every time they take a delivery. And while we do our best to group deliveries together so you receive yours sooner, your order may come in while all our drivers are out. We are exploring ways to make our service faster, but are not currently able to hire more drivers and are trying to avoid cutting out other areas of town where some of you great people live. Plus we don't freeze or refrigerate the dough, so everything is baked from scratch to make them top notch! 

Why can it take up to 90 minutes to get my cookies?

Absolutely! For ten extra dollars, you can have the big furry guy himself deliver your cookies. Just go to our ordering page and add him to your cart! He's worth it. 

Can I have Sasquatch, himself, deliver my cookies? 

We deliver all over Colorado Springs and parts of Fountain. To find out if we deliver to you, go to our ordering page and type in your address. We also ship nationally, so if you have a best friend or family member out of state, be sure to send them some love!

Where do you deliver and do you ship?