Meet the Team


Ever wonder who the weirdos were who thought, "I want to make cookies and then take them to strangers!"?

Well, meet the dreamers and doers who've brought Sasquatch to Colorado Springs!

Sasquatch (64).JPG


Also known as the girl who baked SO MANY cookies, her friends and family asked her to stop or just open a bakery already. Brooke is originally from Colorado, and though she spent most of her life in other places - from Atlanta to Egypt, she found her way back two years ago.

Brooke has always dreamed of opening a business, specifically, a bakery - she spoke, invited in her friends and family and made her dream a reality! Her desire is not just to run a business, but to make an impact in ways both big and small. Whether that's in terms of social justice, or just the smile a late night sweet treat can bring, she's ready to make it happen!

Brooke's favorite cookie is the classic Chocolate Chip.



Kate is originally from Minnesota, but made her way to Colorado Springs a year ago. Kate studied social work and has since been dreaming of how to bring more joy and justice into the world.

Kate loves being creative through baking and wants to make an impact on the world around her, which is why she joined the squad. Kate isn't one to see a problem and just walk on by, so she is excited to give back to this community through our local service days and feeding project!

Kate's favorite cookie depends on the the time of day, her mood and the color of unicorns. She's been loving Snickerdoodle recently!