Chocolate Chip

Sasquatch has always been a sucker for the classics (being a classic himself), so it's no mystery why the chocolate chip cookie was invented and why we at Sasquatch Cookies sell it.


Oatmeal Raisin

For you weird people who think raisins are appropriate to put in cookies (YOU know who you are) we have heard you. We have done our best to make this wrinkled fruit taste deceitfully tangy and delightful...doubt us? Try it. We dare you. You'll be amazed.


Caramel Macchiato

What is the only thing better than a cup of coffee when you are trying to stay up late? Caramel Macchiato cookies of course! Made with REAL espresso and delicious caramel morsels, these cookies may fool you that staying up late when you don't want to is fun! (Disclaimer: it's not.)


Gluten Free Chocolate Chip

Sasquatch does NOT believe in crunchy, tasteless cookies. So, for you people who do not believe in wheat, we've created an option for you to remember what a beautiful place this world can be, even without wheat!

*We try our best to keep our product free of all gluten, but unfortunately we cannot guarentee there is no cross-contamination for anyone with severe allergies or celiacs.

Allergen warning: contains dairy


Double Chocolate Chip

For all those chocolate lovers out there, these cookies are guaranteed to hit the spot! These brownie-like cookies have so much chocolate in them it should be made illegal!



While snickering and doodling have NOT proved effective in single-handedly fending off Sasquatch, together they make a great team! These tangy, cinnamon infused cookies will leave you drooling for more!


Birthday Confetti

Do you love the flavor of birthday cake, sprinkles and happiness? If so, this cookie is sure to hit the spot! Filled with rainbow sprinkles and birthday cake flavor, this cookie will satisfy your child within.


Monster Cookies

Warning: Not for the faint of heart. These are not just cookies, this incredible peanut butter cookie is loaded with M&Ms, chocolate chips, and savory oats that just may leave you dumbfounded that monsters can actually taste good!