Our Mission Statement

We endeavor to bring life to late nights through humor, creativity, quality and care in the form of some baked goodness. We are committed to sustainability and our local community, making eco-conscious choices and giving back 10% of all profits to local feeding projects.


Sasquatch is big into nature, and to keep our furry friend alive and happy, we at Sasquatch Cookies are committed to protecting the environment to the best of our abilities. 

Our boxes are from a brand that uses recycled, degradable, natural or sustainable packaging. We ask that you commit to saving a sasquatch by recycling your Sasquatch Cookies box. 

We also do our best to avoid food waste. All extra cookies are donated to our local food bank, and we purchase foods in season, creating our unique seasonal cookie flavors. 


Why Sasquatch Cookies?

We at Sasquatch Cookies want to leave footprints and not the bad eco-footprints that destroy our world, but positive footprints in the lives of everyone we come in contact with. 

Have you ever looked at the injustices of this world - poverty, homelessness, human trafficking, etc. - and wondered, "what can I do"? We have too. So, we decided to band together and do something about it, and now you can too!

Every order you make, we are committed to donating 10% of the profits to a local feeding project. Single-handedly we are just one footprint, but together we can reach thousands. 

Do you know of an organization that needs our help? Please tell us about it below! 

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