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It's what's on the inside that counts

Our Passion

Sasquatch Cookies is the marrying of our three greatest passions: food, people, and giving.  We create delicious, Sasquatch-sized cookies in twelve different flavors that you can mix and match. We cause taste buds to sing and people do a little happy dance around their homes from the cookie goodness. We dress up in a Sasquatch Costume and deliver fresh-baked, warm cookies all around our community. We laugh with our neighbors as they send and receive cookies from the big man himself.

We care for people and desire to leave good footprints across our community. Everyday day we have people send each other cookies to let them know they care. We have moms and dads sending their children cookies to celebrate good grades and small victories. We have family from the other side of the country sending local college students thinking of you cookies and you can do this cookies. We have husbands and wives sending their deployed spouses I miss you cookies and I can’t wait to be reunited cookies. We have people send cookies for graduations, births, birthdays, parties, losses, grief, and just because I thought you needed these. Our cookies provide a place for people to share life and express that they are there.


Our Giving

We love being part of these messages and reminders sent to loved ones across Colorado Springs and the country (did we mention that we ship?), but saw the need for even more giving. Colorado Springs has approximately 1,800 people facing homelessness each year. Our community is marked by this reality as we see our neighbors asking for food and assistance on street corners, sleeping on cold sidewalks, and gathering at our local homeless shelters. We at Sasquatch Cookies aspire to come alongside these individuals and remind them of their dignity and worth. We partner with our local homeless shelter, Springs Rescue Mission, giving 10% of our profits to them and donate all of our day old cookies to The Marian House. We recognize that as one individual it can be very difficult to make a lasting impact in our community and together we are stronger.   


Our Environment 
Lastly, Colorado Springs in beautiful. With Pikes Peak at our backdoor, the mountains beckon you to come explore them and the near-constant sunshine brightens even our darkest days. We have been given such a beautiful place to call home and desire to take care of it. To do this, we package our cookies in boxes made from a brand that uses recycled, degradable, natural, or sustainable packaging. We also ask that our customers commit to saving a sasquatch by recycling their Sasquatch Cookies box.



We love nature!

Sasquatch is big into nature, and to keep our furry friend alive and happy, we at Sasquatch Cookies are committed to protecting the environment to the best of our abilities. 

Our boxes are from a brand that uses recycled, degradable, natural or sustainable packaging. We ask that you commit to saving a sasquatch by recycling your Sasquatch Cookies box. 

We also do our best to avoid food waste. All extra cookies are donated to our local food bank, and we purchase foods in season, creating our unique seasonal cookie flavors. 

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