Life is full of special moments. Sasquatch knows this and loves this. Let him help you celebrate with some yummy, and unique, cookie goodness. 

Cookie Cakes


Not a fan of cake? You can customize our cookie cakes, making them a great alternative to regular ol' cake that will make both your pocketbook AND your stomach thank you. 

Cookie Bars

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A unique option for weddings or events, a cookie bar is a great way to make your guests feel loved with a sweet combination of flavors that YOU get to choose!  

Cookie Gifts

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Are you looking for a gift that your guests won't just throw away? Look no further! Our cookies can come individually wrapped as a unique gift that you don't have to make! 

Wedding Cakes

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Everyone has a wedding cake, but not everyone has a COOKIE wedding cake. This unique, rustic looking cake will be sure to wow your guests and make your tummy do a happy dance.


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