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On every order you make, we are committed to donating 10% of the profits to a local feeding project. Single-handedly we are just one footprint, but together we can reach thousands. 

Our current feeding project is partnering with Springs Rescue Mission. 10% of all our profits go to their local projects. 



In 1996, founders of Springs Rescue Mission began providing sandwiches to homeless people in Colorado Springs in parks and under bridges. At the same time, they began inviting young homeless couples to stay in their home to give them a head start on life-change, as well as provided recovery from addiction.  Today, Springs Rescue Mission provides critically needed food, shelter, clothing, and services to our neighbors experiencing homelessness, poverty, and addiction.  They can shelter at least 300 men and women a night, feed around 600 people a day, provide showers daily to 230 people, laundry services and clothing and emergency food for 800 families a month.


They partner our homeless neighbors with an advocate who helps them navigate through referred services, assisting them to reach the individual goals each has chosen. They hope that they would learn to voice their needs and become more independent. Advocates meet their clients at doctor’s visits, social services, and other appointments to support them and help them as they communicate their needs.


Tel: 719-239-8388





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